Web Design

At iCreative, we don't believe in being just another web design company. We believe your website is the natural extension of your brand’s story that sets the tone for your online presence. Great web design pushes the boundaries between a static three column layout and gives users an awesome digital experience. Great design is not created in a vacuum. Our designers dive deep to drown themselves in your industry and your brand aesthetic. Our collaborative process involves you and your team every step of the way, ensuring that your new site is something that truly love while also achieving your goals.


Web Development

Delivering Quality

Custom development quality can be an afterthought. Delivering it requires planning, dedication, and maintenance. Even teams performing well can struggle to maintain standards that keep the code clean, secure, and well documented. Functionality may be accepted initially, but quality debt can accumulate and drag on your custom website long after the initial release. iCreative delivers clean, well-documented code that provides a strong foundation for your users today and in the future. #
Always Evolving Technology
There's no way to stop technology from changing and updating, but you want to make sure your website development is done with the future in mind. Development teams often struggle to stay current with industry trends and standards. We live at the forefront of digital marketing trends and technology, which allows our team to create flexibility and freedom for your users while helping our brand stand apart from your competition

Mobile Websites

When it comes to mobile website design and development, it's not always about just forcing a desktop website into the viewport of your smartphone or mobile device. Here at iCreative, we design our mobile websites to wow the customer just as much as your deskptop site. Sometimes we may hide elements on mobile, or maybe even redesign a section all together, just to give the user experience the customer deserves.


Reponsive Design

Ever wanted to pull your hair out over a website on your smart phone or tablet that is garbled and impossible to navigate? Maybe you looked up your local dentist’s website in the car for directions while rushing to an appointment, but the content appears too tiny to read and you have to enlarge the screen so much you can only read three words at a time. Or the words overlap and you can’t even touch items to select them like you could with a mouse. Well, the culprit is fixed web design, and it is thankfully going the way of the dinosaurs. The good news is responsive web design has evolved in its place, and allows websites to be viewed on all devices with ease.